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CEO / Commercial Employee

More than ten years of experience as an administrative employee in the public administration.

Basic training and continuing education

  • Office clerk diploma

  • AFC Advanced Profile Commercial Employee

  • Financial and Budget Planning

  • Professional trainer with federal certification

Key competences

  • Eleven years of experience as an administrative employee in the public administration sector

  • Four years of experience as an independent commercial employee

  • Three years of experience as an administrative employee in the supplementary childcare industry


In all areas, distinct skills in the organization and structuring of the vast area of ​​tasks

Professional focus

  • Customer acquisition in the sectors:

    • Tax issues

    • Trust services

    • Virtual Assistance

  • Administration in the wide range of tasks of the public administration

Soft Skills

  • Spirit of initiative

    • Create application forms in various areas of public administration to increase the work efficiency

  • Independent way of working

    • Independence in debt recovery assertions, forwarding of enforcement requests and continuation of enforcement, etc.

  • Empathy

    • Empathetic behavior and appropriate communication with clients from different backgrounds, social backgrounds and personal difficulties / problems


  • Member of the personnel association of the city of Adliswil, the trade and company association and the association "Dante Alighieri" of Zurich

  • Social media communication and networking


  • German: native speaker

  • Italian: native speaker

  • English: fair knowledge

  • French: fair knowledge

  • Spanish: intermediate knowledge




Computer technology

  • Office package: excellent knowledge

  • CRM software: discrete knowledge

  • Accounting management software: discrete knowledge

  • Social Media: excellent knowledge

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