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Availability only by EMail.
Activity temporarily ceased until October 15, 2024 for training

Consultations no possible until October 15, 2024

VOH Herrera

Virtual Office Help Herrera

Standing Meeting

What your business needs

The affordable alternative to the accountant

Are you looking for a person who cares about your administration and / or accounting whether it is private or corporate (only individuals businesses), but you don't want to hire an expensive accountant?

Or are you looking for a collaborator, but don't want the bureaucratic effort of hiring one?

Since 2017, I have been supporting numerous clients and I am sure that VOH Herrera is the right solution for individuals and small individual businesses. I am a freelance commercial employee and this is my core competence.

Possible micro consultations (30 min) regarding virtual assistance


Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Secretariat, Writing Service, Administration and Consulting

Virtual Assistance

and / or Personal

Translations and interpreting

Accounting and tax services

What is new
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